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Start Your Learning with Dropout Developer

Are you ready to embark on an exciting and rewarding career as an Angular developer? Look no further as Dropout Developer is here to help you achieve your career goals in Angular development. Our app is the ultimate guide to learning Angular and building a strong foundation in web development. With comprehensive tutorials, hands-on projects, and expert resources, you’ll have everything you need to master Angular and stand out in the competitive job market.

Access our app now at http://dropoutdeveloper.com/#/p/resources and dive into the world of Angular. You’ll find interactive examples, step-by-step instructions, and real-world applications to help you understand the concepts and gain practical experience. And if you need to focus on Angular specifically, you can access the data directly at http://dropoutdeveloper.com/#/p/resources/angular.

Learn Angular with Dropout Developer

With Dropout Developer, you’ll have access to the following courses and projects to help you learn Angular:


  • HTML & CSS Full Course – Beginner to Pro Topics covered: HTML Basics, CSS Basics, Hovers, Transitions, Shadows, Chrome DevTools & CSS Box Model, Text Styles, The HTML Structure, Images and Text Boxes, CSS Display Property, The div Element, Nested Layouts Technique, CSS Grid, Flexbox, Nested Flexbox, CSS Position, Position Absolute and Relative, and more

JavaScript & TypeScript

  • Build 15 JavaScript Projects – Vanilla JavaScript Course Topics covered: Building a Counter

Angular basics

  • Design Course Angular Basics Topics covered: Angular 8 Installation, Basic templating, Data binding, Style and Class binding, The Router, Fetching data from an API with the http client, Deployment, and more

Angular 14 full course 2022 for beginner

Topics covered: fundamentals of Angular 14 and TypeScript, deploying the angular app into firebase hosting

Practical Angular Projects

Project #1 – Tic-Tac-Toe

  • Angular for Beginners – Let’s build a Tic-Tac-Toe PWA

Project #2 – To Do List

  • To Do List in Angular | Angular tutorial

Project #3 – Build an Angular Weather App

  • Angular Project Tutorial – Build an Angular Weather App From Scratch – Open Weather API Tutorial

Project – Twitter Clone

  • Building a Twitter clone with Angular & Firebase (Workshop)

Project – Amazon Clone

  • Build an Amazon Clone with ANGULAR for Beginners

Project – WhatsApp clone

  • WhatsApp clone on (MEAN) ANGULAR, MongoDB, Express, Node and Ionic for beginners Topics covered: building a native android/ios WhatsApp clone using MEAN, MongoDB & Express, Ionic Framework with Angular, front-end and server-side development with a real-time server built with pusher, pusher-js and Heroku.

Project – Cryptocurrency price tracker

  • Angular Project – Cryptocurrency price tracker | Angular HTTP Client | Angular Material UI Topics covered: making a cryptocurrency finance price tracker app using Angular HttpClient, Routing, Rxjs Features, and more.

Project – Cafe Management System

  • Cafe Management System (Angular, Node.js, MySQL Database) Complete Project (step by step) Topics covered: important concepts of Angular

Complete Angular Project

The Cafe Management System project covers important concepts of Angular and involves building a complete management system for a cafe. The project is based on Angular, Node.js, and MySQL Database and provides step by step guidance to ensure your success.

Topics Covered

  • Angular concepts and principles
  • Building a complete management system using Angular, Node.js, and MySQL Database

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Showcase Your Skills

Now that you have completed your project, it’s time to showcase your skills. Share your work with friends, family, and potential employers to demonstrate your Angular development skills and knowledge. Your project is your calling card, and a strong portfolio is key to success in the competitive job market. So, take advantage of this opportunity to make a great first impression and open doors to new opportunities. here

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